Omaha Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Head injuries are probably the most common injury in motorcycle accidents, followed by lacerations to the skin because there is no protection from the street. If you hit your head on the motorcycle, you may most likely come into contact with the street or some surface and, therefore, will have some lacerations or broken bones. The injury can be more severe because there is less protection on a motorcycle. Speak with a compassionate attorney to learn more about Omaha motorcycle accident injuries.

Dangers of Being in a Motorcycle Accident

On a motorcycle, there is no steel frame, no airbag, and no seatbelt. The lack of these safety features can mean that injuries are aggravated and are more severe than those sustained in automobile accidents. A person could also be easily thrown off their motorbike as well. This ejection could result in a multitude of injuries such as broken bones, cuts on the skin, and potential head injuries. Injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident in Omaha are always a danger resulting from a motorbike collision.

Traumatic Injuries

It is more likely that a person is going to hit their head in a motorcycle collision than in automobile collision. When a person hits their head, there is a chance of getting a traumatic brain injury. The brain is the most important body part, and when it is injured it may not heal like other body parts. Traumatic brain injuries can affect a person’s motor skills and different bodily functions.

When assessing whether a motorcyclist in an accident has a traumatic brain injury, people should look for headaches, a failure to recall either short-term or long-term memories, mood changes, depression, anxiety, and changes in personality.

A motorcyclist is most likely going to fall to the ground or have contact with the ground. This means there is a greater chance of having broken bones. Repairing broken bones could prove to have potentially long-lasting effects on a person’s life.

Consequences of Sustaining One or Many Broken Bones

Broken bones are always serious. They could perforate your skin. Broken bones can also require physical therapy and rehabilitation.They also take a long time to heal. They can incapacitate you for a period of time, which could potentially hold a person back from working. This could affect income and making bill payments on time. An Inkelaar Law attorney understands the severity of injuries resulting from an Omaha motorcycle accident.

Doctor’s Treatment of Injuries

Doctors can be quicker to order CT Scans or MRIs to determine if there was head trauma or trauma to the spinal cord when dealing with a patient who sustained Omaha motorcycle accident injuries.When there is head trauma or spinal trauma, the response window would be the most critical in a motorcycle collision. Doctors fully understand how critical this response window is and will act quickly and effectively to ensure that you are receiving proper medical care. Speak with an attorney at Inkelaar Law to learn more.