What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Omaha

The time following a pedestrian accident can be pretty chaotic for an injured person. It is not always easy to know what to do after a pedestrian accident in Omaha. When dealing with painful injuries and a strained financial situation due to unexpected medical costs, an injured individual may not see a clear path forward. Fortunately, a compassionate pedestrian accident lawyer could help an injured person understand their potential legal options. Reach out today and arrange for a time to begin the process of holding a negligent party accountable for the pain and suffering caused by their recklessness.

Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment Following a Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident could occur under many different conditions. However, a car accident is one of the most frequent scenarios that cause pedestrian accidents. The injuries incurred may also range from mild to severe. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for a person who has been injured in such an accident to immediately seek medical attention. This concern should be taken even more seriously if a child is involved. In some cases, especially with young children, they may be unable to communicate the extent of their injuries. Additionally, a person may initially feel fine but could be unaware of internal bleeding. This type of injury is severe and if left unattended, could become fatal.

Calling the Police After a Pedestrian Injury

If a careless driver is involved in the pedestrian accident, they should immediately stop and render aid to the injured individual. They should also contact the police immediately and request an ambulance, especially if there are evident catastrophic injuries. However, in some cases, the driver may panic and drive away. This decision is illegal and they could be charged with a hit and run. Calling the police is an important step in what to do after a pedestrian accident in Omaha. Notifying the police about the incident is important so they can create a report and help obtain emergency medical services. The report and the findings made by law enforcement could significantly help demonstrate how another individual or driver acted negligently. This demonstration could help streamline an injured person’s ability to obtain financial compensation.

Gathering Evidence

Depending on the factors surrounding a pedestrian accident and the extent of their injuries, a person should attempt to take photos of the scene. They should also try to collect the negligent party’s contact information, the name of their insurance company, and vehicle registration information. If the incident was a hit and run, the pedestrian should try to record anything they remember about the vehicle that struck them. This could be a description of the driver, a partial license plate number or color of the vehicle. This type of information could potentially help track down the accused driver. If a person’s injuries are extremely serious and they are unable to retrieve this information, they still could request a copy of the police report after they have recovered.

Timeline for Retaining Legal Counsel After an Accident

Ideally, an attorney who is familiar with pedestrian accidents should be contacted as soon as possible. If a person waits a long time to speak with a lawyer about filing a lawsuit, they may risk losing their right to pursue compensation. Furthermore, the evidence that may be used to hold the negligent party accountable could become degraded or be destroyed.

Outside of the case process, a lawyer could advocate for an injured person and help handle communication with insurance companies or the accused negligent party. A pedestrian accident often leaves a person severely injured and they may benefit from having more time to heal instead of attempting to deal with outside parties.

Consult an Attorney About What to do Following a Pedestrian Accident in Omaha

A pedestrian accident is often traumatizing and painful. A person who has experienced such an accident may want to consider speaking with a lawyer about what to do following a pedestrian accident in Omaha. An attorney who is seasoned in handling such cases could fiercely advocate on their behalf and work to secure fair compensation from a negligent party. Call now and schedule an appointment to begin assessing the legal options that may be applicable to your case.