Common Omaha Pedestrian Accident Scenarios

A pedestrian accident may occur at many different times. When building a case against a negligent party following such an accident, an injured person may want to learn about the common Omaha pedestrian accident scenarios. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer could review the factors surrounding a person’s case and potentially help demonstrate how another individual’s recklessness led to their injuries. Call Inkelaar Law today and set up a time to begin developing a strong legal argument. Medical bills can quickly become a stressful weight on a person’s financial security. Our attorneys could help you fight for the compensation that may ease your financial burden.

Accidents Involving Crosswalks

Pedestrian accidents frequently involve crosswalks. Careless drivers may proceed through the crosswalk without stopping for people walking through. An issue that may arise in such a case may be whether the injured person entered the crosswalk at a safe period or whether the driver already was in the intersection. Another issue may concern traffic signals. For example, if a pedestrian walked in a crosswalk and during the walk sign, a driver who proceeded through the intersection and hit the individual could be held liable. While pedestrian accidents largely encompass crosswalks, they are one of many different common Omaha pedestrian accident scenarios to be conscious of.

Pedestrians Struck by Reversing Vehicles

Accidents commonly occur when a driver attempts to back up. Someone who is walking behind a vehicle that does not carefully check for pedestrians could be struck. While the driver may not see the person walking toward their location, a pedestrian should be aware of their surroundings before proceeding on their path. These types of incidents are typically found in parking lots and are low-velocity collisions with mild injuries.

Collisions on Streets Without Sidewalks

Streets that are not equipped with sidewalks often place a pedestrian at an increased risk of being hit by a vehicle. In most cases and under Nebraska law, pedestrians have the right to use the roadway and typically have the right of way. The law also generally stipulates that a pedestrian walks against traffic and not in the middle of the road. An opposing party may allege that a pedestrian walked too far out in the middle of the road.

Turning Left in an Intersection

Cars turning left in an intersection often cause a problem for pedestrians. When a vehicle approaches an intersection, especially during heavy traffic or a quick light change, tend to get impatient and may decide not to yield for pedestrians. It is typically important for a pedestrian to exercise extra caution when approaching such an intersection. Call an accomplished lawyer for more information about the common causes of pedestrian accidents in Omaha.

Speak With a Lawyer About Common Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in Omaha

If you were injured as a pedestrian because of a negligent driver, reach out to a compassionate pedestrian accident lawyer. We could explain how common Omaha pedestrian accident scenarios may occur and help determine effective courses of legal action. Call Inkelaar Law today and schedule an appointment to start evaluating legal strategies that may be applicable to your case.