Fremont Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses offer many of the citizens of Fremont a great way to get around. Whether you use a bus for your daily commute, to run errands, or to travel great distances, buses are often an economical and efficient transit option.

Buses do not come without their associated risks on the road. The interiors of buses often lack seatbelts or other common safety features required on personal vehicles. If that bus is involved in a collision, passengers may be thrown around the inside of the cabin causing severe injuries. Buses are also a hazard to other motorists on the road, as colliding with a bus places great force on other vehicles and might harshly injure the people within.

In either event, an injured party may give the right to demand compensation. A Fremont bus accident lawyer could help you seek compensation whether you were a passenger on a bus that crashed or a motorist injured in an accident for which a bus driver was at fault. If you choose to retain one, a hardworking personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law could work to obtain the fair compensation that you deserve with as little stress as possible.

The Rights of Passengers

Since all buses that take on passengers do so only after those passengers pay a fare, Nebraska law considers these buses common carriers. This means that the bus driver and the busing company may assume a duty to protect their passengers from harm. If a bus driver is at fault for an accident, the company that operates that bus could be held responsible to compensate any passengers injured in the accident.

This compensation may cover for the costs of medical bills, any lost time at work, and even a loss of quality of life connected to the injury. An Inkelaar Law bus accident attorney can help you identify the proper defendant in your claim and pursue money from insurance companies representing the defendant(s) in Fremont.

Obligations of Bus Drivers Towards Other People on the Road

Just like every other person who gets behind the wheel, bus drivers and their parent companies assume a duty to protect all other people they may encounter while on the road. This duty is automatic and cannot be waived. Subsequently, if a bus driver is at fault for an accident, their company may be held responsible to compensate an injured person as a result, whether they are another driver, a passenger in another car, or even a pedestrian.

To prevail in these cases, though, a plaintiff must prove that the bus driver’s actions were negligent. This typically involves providing evidence that the bus driver was acting negligently at the time of the crash, which could take the form of

  • Speeding
  • Failing to properly signal before making a turn
  • Texting while driving
  • Ignoring a stop sign or other traffic signal

An Inkelaar Law Fremont lawyer could assist you with gathering evidence of this negligent driving and to press claims for bus accident injuries. It should be noted that the potential plaintiffs must be sure to act quickly. According to Nebraska Revised Statute §25-207, which establishes what is known as the statute of limitations, you must file a case no more than four years from the date of injury.

Working With a Fremont Bus Accident Attorney

A bus accident may leave you with significant injuries. Even if you are fortunate enough to make a full recovery, you could be left with thousands of dollars of medical bills, lost income, and emotional trauma.

Regardless of whether the bus that caused the accident was run by a city municipality or a private company, their drivers have a duty to protect all people they may encounter while behind the wheel. This extends to both their own passengers and people in their own cars.

An accomplished Fremont bus accident lawyer could help any person injured by the negligence of a bus driver. Contact Inkelaar Law today to schedule a consultation.