Fremont Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

The Food and Drug Administration thoroughly examines every drug sold in the United States to certify that the product does what it is designed to do and that it is safe for human consumption. Despite these regulations, many drugs currently on the market pose a serious risk to the individuals who take them.

Between manufacturers intentionally hiding undisclosed side effects and errors in manufacturing processes, dangerous drugs injure or kill thousands of people every year. If you are one of these people, a Fremont dangerous drugs lawyer from Inkelaar Law could help you hold that drug’s makers responsible. One of our tenacious personal injury attorneys could investigate the incident, work with experts in pharmacology to analyze your claim, and pursue a lawsuit to help you seek appropriate compensation.

Proving a Case

A dangerous drug case is very similar to other defective products cases. All makers of every product have a duty to produce an item that is safe for human use. If the end user of that product utilizes the item as intended, it should not cause an injury.

This legal principle applies even to inherently dangerous products such as medications. While most drugs cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription, you and your medical provider could weigh the risks against the benefits and choose the option that is best for you.

Arguments an Attorney Could Make to Prove Your Case

To win a dangerous drug case, you and your Inkelaar Law dangerous drugs attorney in Fremont may have to provide evidence that the drug maker did not properly disclose all the potential side effects for the drug. This disclosure is a major part of FDA approval, and all packaging and advertising for the drug must contain this information.

You may be able to argue that the drugs were designed in a safe manner, but that an error in the manufacturing process caused the items to be tainted. Proof that a drug maker’s manufacturing floor did not meet cleanliness requirements or that the drug you took was not chemically identical to the specifications for the product could be powerful evidence in such a case.

Nebraska’s statute of limitations must also be kept in mind while pursuing a claim. This is a time limit imposed upon all plaintiffs to file their cases in court within a certain period of them. According to Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-224, plaintiffs have only four years to act on dangerous drugs cases.

Possible Effects

Just as medications may be used to treat almost any type of malady, taking an improper drug could also cause many types of problems. One of the most common types of prescription drugs issued in Nebraska are those used to control blood pressure. Patients with hypertension could take these drugs to decrease the stress on their hearts.

If you take a blood pressure medication while you already have proper blood pressure levels, you may suffer an unsafe drop in pressure that might lead to fainting spells or even organ failure. If the maker of the drug does not disclose the fact that their medication could cause this side effect, a practiced attorney could potentially hold them legally liable for any damages.

A dangerous drugs lawyer in Fremont could help you seek compensation for medical costs associated with treating a new medical condition, and for any pain and suffering associated with the injury. If you lose out on time at work or suffer a permanent injury that leaves you unable to earn a living, you may be able to claim these losses in a personal injury lawsuit as well.

How a Fremont Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

The effect of taking an improperly researched drug may be devastating, as introducing a foreign substance into the body is never something to be done lightly and might have a harsh impact on your health. If this impact is the result of a drug company not properly clearing their drug with the FDA or a mistake in the manufacturing process, you may have the right to demand compensation.

A Fremont dangerous drugs lawyer could lead the way in demanding these payments. At Inkelaar Law, our attorneys could work to investigate the facts that led to such injuries, utilize input from pharmacology experts to analyze the case, and file lawsuits in court that demand appropriate compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.