Fremont Defective Products Lawyer

There is a general understanding in the business world that the maker of a product has a responsibility to make an item that does not pose an undue risk to the user. In practical terms, this means that if the product is used in the manner for which it was designed, it should not harm the user. In a similar vein, producers of inherently dangerous products have a responsibility to warn their customers about the risks associated with that product.

This responsibility does not stop some manufacturers from releasing products they know to be dangerous or selling products before all the potential dangers are discovered. If you are able to prove that a defective product caused an injury and that the maker of the product was responsible for the defect, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

A Fremont defective products lawyer from Inkelaar Law could help you and your family pursue claims against negligent companies for their role in causing an injury. Our experienced personal injury attorneys may be able to help you understand the relevant laws, gather necessary evidence, and pursue your case in court to collect the compensation you deserve.

Proving a Manufacturer is Responsible for an Injury

All makers of all consumer products have a duty to create a product that is reasonably safe to use. This duty could extend to the expected proper use of that product by customers. A car could be expected to safely get a commuter to and from work if it is driven in a safe manner. The same car may be deadly if the driver is texting behind the wheel or fails to properly maintain the engine.

The plaintiff in a defective products case must present evidence that either a design defect in the product caused their injury or that the product was put together improperly. For a case based on a design flaw, your defective products lawyer in Fremont could consult with an engineering expert to establish the alternative ways that the product could be designed to increase safety.

If you rely on a theory alleging improper manufacturing, your attorney could help you seek out evidence of poor maintenance in factories. Worker negligence that caused the product to be improperly put together could also be a potential factor in such cases.

Whichever theory you base your case around, there is a strict time limit that controls when a Nebraska court would hear a case. Nebraska Revised Statute §25-224 gives plaintiffs four years to come forward—if you fail to meet this time limit, you may be barred from collecting any compensation at all.

Sources of Compensation For Plaintiffs

The core of any defective products case is a personal injury. No matter how costly your property damage may be or how emotionally distressed you are, your case may not progress without some element of physical harm. This harm does not need to be life-threatening. Many claims are centered around injuries as pedestrian as light burns, cuts, or a broken toe.

Provided this physical harm is present, medical costs are only one potential part of a demand package. If the injury forces you to miss work, you could claim lost wages as a compensable loss. While mental anguish is insufficient to prop up a claim on its own, any pain and suffering that accompany a physical injury could be claimed as compensable damages. A defective products lawyer in Fremont could work with doctors and economic experts to determine the full and proper value of your claim.

Contacting a Fremont Defective Products Attorney

It might be intimidating to take on a large company when their product causes an injury. These corporations employ teams of attorneys whose sole goal is to defend the company against these suits. Many unrepresented plaintiffs are intimidated into dropping their suits or are simply waited out.

A Fremont defective products lawyer from our firm could have the resources and patience to handle your case. At Inkelaar Law, we work with diligence to discover relevant evidence, apply it to Nebraska state laws, and engage in settlement negotiations from a position of strength. Contact us today to schedule an initial meeting and discuss your options.