Fremont Birth Injury Lawyer

A wide range of complications and conditions may result from inadequate medical treatment during the birthing process, including cerebral palsy. If the negligence of a physician caused your child to sustain a severe injury before or during birth, you might have a cause of action for medical malpractice.

Speaking with a Fremont birth injury lawyer could help you understand whether a healthcare provider may be held liable for the injuries to your child. Consult a dedicated medical malpractice attorney from Inkelaar Law to learn how you may proceed with your claim.

Defining Malpractice at Birth

Under Nebraska Revised Statutes §44-2810, a healthcare provider who fails to use reasonable and ordinary care may be held liable for medical malpractice. The term “healthcare provider” includes physicians, hospitals, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. The standard for reasonable care is determined by the care which would have been provided by comparable medical professionals in similar circumstances.

Not all birth injuries are caused by the negligence of a health care provider, and determining whether these circumstances applies to a particular case may be difficult. An Inkelaar Law birth injury attorney in Fremont can assist you with making this assessment.

Proving Liability for a Child Delivery Injury

If you wish to seek compensation through a birth injury lawsuit, you must demonstrate that the healthcare provider’s breach of the standard of care directly caused your child’s injury. Errors which commonly lead to birth injuries include improper use of forceps, errors in lab testing, and delays in ordering a c-section.

To establish that a healthcare provider breached the standard of care, you must enlist a medical expert to provide an opinion regarding the standard of care and how the healthcare provider deviated from it. Since medical records are also often essential to proving birth malpractice, it could be helpful to have a birth injury lawyer in Fremont work on gathering medical records and opinions from medical experts.

The recoverable damages resulting from a birth injury can be extensive. Some individuals with a birth injury may suffer from pain or disability for the rest of their lives, and future medical costs for these conditions could be determined with the help of an expert. If a healthcare provider is found to be liable for medical malpractice, our dedicated attorneys may be able to help you recover medical costs and other categories of damages for your child.

How a Fremont Birth Injury Attorney Could Help

Physicians and other healthcare providers have a duty to provide a certain level of care to every patient they treat. Failure to provide the requisite level of care, whether by failing to detect or manage a complication or misusing medical instruments, may constitute medical malpractice.

A Fremont birth injury lawyer can help you examine medical records, obtain opinions from other physicians regarding the care which you should have given, and file a lawsuit based on medical malpractice. By hiring an accomplished Inkelaar Law attorney, you would not have to maneuver through the legal process alone, so call today to see how we could help you.