Fremont Prescription Drug Errors Lawyer

 Given that medication errors occur frequently in many different health care settings, a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or physician could make a prescription drug error at a pharmacy, a clinic, or an emergency room. In any situation, a prescription drug error may result in serious injuries or even death.

If you believe that you are suffering from an injury or illness caused by a prescription drug error, you may wish to speak with a Fremont prescription drug errors lawyer to discuss your options. A skilled medical malpractice attorney from Inkelaar Law can review your case and explain your rights.

Adverse Drug Events

It is estimated that prescription drug errors affect over seven million patients each year in the United States. Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, doctors, and other health care providers may make serious errors due to fatigue, long hours, and the pressure to complete tasks quickly in a fast-paced work environment.

If you trusted a healthcare provider to provide safe and beneficial medications, you may find that an error could occur in one of the following ways:

  • Your prescription is illegible or contains inappropriate drug or dosage information
  • Data entry was incorrect
  • Monitoring of your drug regimen was insufficient or non-existent
  • A drug is administered incorrectly

In certain cases, it is possible for a prescription drug error to cause little or no harm, particularly if the error is caught quickly. It should be noted that if a patient is taking the wrong drug or even the right drug in the wrong dosage, they might suffer permanent and debilitating injuries.

Injuries or death which result from medication may be characterized as an adverse drug event. A Fremont attorney from Inkelaar Law could assist individuals who have suffered such an event as the result of prescription drug errors. 

Pharmacists’ Duties to Patients

Pharmacists have duties to each patient that they serve. Under Nebraska General Statutes §38-2869, pharmacists have a duty to perform drug utilization review prior to dispensing medication. This process involves checking a patient’s history and records to ensure that there are no harmful interactions, contraindications, or errors.

If the pharmacist performs this step dutifully, they may be able to catch a physician’s prescribing error. In some cases, though, an error makes its way past the doctor’s office or hospital and through the pharmacy.

If both the physician and pharmacist made an error that caused bodily injuries, more than one entity may ultimately be held liable for the harm caused. A prescription drug errors lawyer in Fremont can assist injured you in determining who breached which duties and how recovery may be obtained.

 Contact a Fremont Prescription Drug Errors Attorney

While the realization that a prescription drug error could have potentially been harmful may be harrowing, the possibility of harm is not enough to sustain a medical malpractice claim. Actual injuries must result from the error.

Documentation is an essential aspect of any medical malpractice claim. In addition to hospital and pharmacy records, tangible evidence from the incident may also be useful

If the error occurred at a pharmacy, it might be advisable to keep any bags, leaflets, inserts, or other items which were dispensed with the drug. These items may contain important information regarding the difference between the drug that you should have gotten and the drug you actually received. For additional information, contact our team at Inkelaar Law to schedule a consultation with a Fremont prescription drug errors lawyer.