Lincoln Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Due to the drastic changes in weather patterns, Lincoln is susceptible to very cold winters. Lincoln can also experience cold weather such as snow and ice, which could then create potholes after a series of freezing. Such conditions could make way for hazardous driving conditions, causing you to be especially careful when on the road. For more information about filing an injury claim regarding Lincoln car accidents involving bad weather, contact an experienced attorney today.

Recoverable Damages in a Lincoln Car Crash

If a truck and another vehicle are involved in the accident, one can seek compensation for damages such as property damage. This includes the value of their vehicle or the cost of repairs. A driver  could also be entitled to any other personal property that they lose because of the accident, like glasses, clothing that has been ruined, and other personal items. If a person is injured, their medical expenses would be paid, as well as their mileage from the doctor’s office. A person could also recover lost wages, as well as compensation for pain, suffering, and inconvenience.

Dangerous Weather Impacting Comparative Fault Standards in Lincoln

Weather conditions can impact fault if a driver is not adhering to the state conditions that they would need to follow when driving. When the weather conditions are unseasonably abnormal, drivers need to drive with more caution and be more alert. Drivers also need to maintain further distances from other people as well as negotiate turns at slower speeds. Cellphones and radio devices could also cause drivers to be less focused, which could potentially lead to a slow reaction time in the event of a potential road hazard.

Preventing Weather-Related Auto Wrecks from Occurring

There are warning signings drivers could be on the lookout for when trying to prevent a weather-related accident. Drivers could maintain a safe speed while paying close attention to road and traffic conditions. If a person is driving too fast, the rear end or the front end of the vehicle can slide in one direction or the other, potentially causing a severe accident. Drivers should always try to maintain a safe speed since Nebraska roads are prone to black ice, which is something that is very difficult to notice.

Filing an Injury when no Other Vehicles Involved in the Wreck

When establishing fault in a car accident case, the law says that a person involved in an accident has the capacity or has the potential of contributing to fault in the accident. That would be taken into consideration when looking at who would pay for the injuries that occurred. It may not be possible in a single car accident for the driver to recover against anyone unless there are dangerous conditions outside of the vehicle that may have contributed.

Benefits of Contacting a Lincoln Car Crash Attorney

If you have been involved in Lincoln car accidents involving bad weather, it is important to schedule a consultation with an attorney after seeking medical attention. An attorney could guide you through the legal process of filing an injury claim, as well as calculating the damages you may be entitled to. An attorney could also act as an advocate on your behalf when dealing with a judge, jury, or the party at-fault. Do not wait until it is too late, contact an auto wreck attorney today.