Lincoln Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

Under Lincoln and Nebraska law, if an individual runs into a person’s vehicle or hits an individual and then leaves the scene of the accident without notification of the police department, the act is considered a hit and run accident. Those who were injured in a hit and run should consider speaking with a Lincoln hit and run car accident lawyer. Our experienced car wreck attorneys at Inkelaar Law could help you pursue legal action against the responsible party and fight for compensation.

Comparing Hit and Run Crashes to Other Types of Accident Cases

A common fact pattern of hit and run accidents is that they occur at intersections. Also, many hit and run collisions occur in private parking lots where one backs into another vehicle and then leaves the scene quickly before calling the police.

Hit and runs differ from other types of car accident cases since the individual who runs from the scene is likely to be charged with a criminal offense, which requires fines, court costs, and possibly jail time. Liability could be established to prove that the individual who left the scene of the accident should be held responsible for the full extent of the losses. Collecting information from the responsible party does become more difficult when a hit and run occurs. In certain cases, it is almost impossible to tell who was actually operating the vehicle. This is why if you were involved in such a wreck, you should reach out to a Lincoln hit and run car accident lawyer from Inkelaar Law for help with tracking down the responsible driver.

How a Hit and Run Accident Might Impact an Accident Case

Hit and run crashes make it difficult for the collection of certain information, which could include insurance from the other party who is at fault when they have left the scene. Immediately after being hit in a hit and run accident, you should take photographs of the scene, try to communicate as much information to the police department, and seek medical attention for any injury. You should also contact a hit and run car accident attorney in Lincoln for help building your injury claim.

Collectible Damages in a Hit and Run Case

The recoverable damages that a skilled attorney could pursue include economic damages, which are medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages are also recoverable, which are normally called pain and suffering damages, which may also include inconvenience and loss of relationships with spouses or other individuals. Nebraska does not allow punitive damages, so those are not damages that would be applicable to hit and run accidents.

How a Lincoln Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Inkelaar Law attorneys could help with gathering information, hiring expert witnesses, looking for other ways to find evidence of who may have been operating the vehicle, and collecting damages. Even if the person who hit the injured person may have left the scene, there may be ways to provide for coverage on their own insurance policy like an uninsured motorist carrier insurance policy. Call a well-practiced Lincoln hit and run car accident lawyer to learn your rights.