Lincoln Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end collision is defined by Lincoln law is when an individual hits the back end of another vehicle with the front of their vehicle. Rear-end wrecks are common accidents that can lead to a great deal of hassle for the injured party. With the potential injuries associated with such a crash, there may also be medical bills and damages that could place an overwhelming financial burden on the injured victim. Injured individuals are recommended to contact a Lincoln rear-end collision lawyer to learn about his or her options following a vehicle wreck. If you were involved in an accident, contact a seasoned car crash attorney from Inkelaar Law today.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Tailgating Crash Scenarios

Frequently occurring factors that contribute to rear-end accidents are circumstances where there is a high flow of traffic and individuals that were driving too fast or too closely to individuals in front of them. It could also include circumstances where one may be texting and driving without paying attention to the road. Rear-end collision cases typically indicate that the individual who has run into the person from the rear end is at fault. The factors that lead to this assumption may include reasons as to why the person has stopped, the speed that he or she was going, and his or her failure to pay attention or exercise due care.

Role of Comparative Negligence in Rear-End Cases

Comparative negligence in rear-end accidents typically indicates that each person is given responsibilities to exercise due care in accidents and both could be at fault for the crash. If one person is driving their vehicle and suddenly slams on his or her brakes and someone behind hits him or her, the person in the front may be found responsible for the accident if it was determined that he or she was not exercising due care. In such circumstances, it might be established that the individual in the front may have contributed a higher percentage of fault to the accident than the person who was driving from behind. A seasoned Lincoln rear-end car accident lawyer from Inkelaar Law could help you understand how comparative negligence may impact your injury case.

How an Attorney Could Establish Liability For the Plaintiff

Methods a rear-end collision lawyer in Lincoln could use in establishing liability in a case may include examining:

  • Statements of witnesses
  • Conditions of the roads
  • Flow of the traffic
  • Speeds that were involved
  • Road conditions on the date of the accident

Our attorneys at Inkelaar Law could then gather all the information and present it an organized fashion to the insurance company to try and establish fault.

Contact a Lincoln Rear-End Collision Attorney Immediately

The most important reason to consult a Lincoln rear-end collision lawyer from Inkelaar Law without waiting is to understand the full extent of your rights and what compensation you may be entitled to. Many times, individuals who wait to contact a lawyer miss out on the opportunity to recover damages. If contacted early, the car accident attorney could begin to help you seek medical treatment, collect the necessary evidence, contact the police and witnesses to get statements, and then file an injury claim. Reach out to us today to learn your rights.