Omaha Sex Crimes Lawyer

Often the most horrifying types of cases for our clients are sex related. Sex related allegations bring embarrassment and shame to defendants and their families and usually are viewed in a different light by the public. Because these cases are often complex, it is prudent to hire an attorney who is specially trained in sex crimes. Defending an allegation of false sexual assault of a child requires experience, scientific knowledge, and aggressiveness. Our attorneys have this specialized training.

A conviction for a sex crime in Omaha can require sexual registration as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Registration can destroy future employment and the ability to live peacefully in a community. In addition, a conviction for a serious sexual offense can lead to a civil commitment even after the penalty for the criminal conviction is finished. If considered a “sexually dangerous” person, a person can be committed in a treatment facility indefinitely.

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Because the consequences of a conviction for a sexually related offense are so serious, we use every legal tactic available to attack all legal issues. If you would like a free consultation regarding your criminal case, please contact our Omaha criminal defense lawyers to discuss your case. Let us put our vast resources and experience to work for you.