Lancaster County Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents that result in personal injuries can occur in many different settings. While each accident could involve minor or moderate injuries, they may also be severe and debilitating in some cases.

If you are injured due to another party’s negligence, contacting a Lancaster County personal injury lawyer from Inkelaar Law as soon as possible may be advisable. By retaining a qualified attorney, you could be well-equipped to build an injury claim and fight for compensation.

Establishing Negligence

If a person or company fails to meet the applicable standard of care in their conduct and causes you to suffer injury due to this failure, you may be able to seek compensation. Before obtaining legal counsel, seeking emergency medical care should be your priority after an accident.

Immediate medical care is essential both for your own well-being and for the sake of any future personal injury claim you choose to file. Medical records and bills, as well as any reports regarding the accident drafted by responding law enforcement officers, could potentially be vital to the success of your case. An Inkelaar Law personal injury lawyer in Lancaster County can assist you in assembling the documentation necessary to support your personal injury claim.

Negligence by a Medical Professional

If the basis of your injury claim involves the negligence of a physician or other trained professional, Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-222 may apply to the cause of action. Depending on the circumstances, a physician’s failure to order tests, accurately interpret test results, or accurately diagnose a condition may serve as grounds for civil litigation.

The deadline for bringing this type of case forward is two years from the date of the negligent act or omission. It should be noted that the law does provide an exception to this deadline in situations to which the discovery principle applies. The personal injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law could explain the statute of limitations in Lancaster County and how it may apply to a specific personal injury claim.

Comparative Negligence

If an injured individual brings a claim of negligence, the responsible party may claim that the injured individual contributed to causing or worsening their own injuries. If this argument applies to your case, your recovery could be reduced in accordance with your proportion of fault. In cases in which the injured party’s fault equals or exceeds the defendant’s fault, recovery may be barred altogether.

It is important to understand the ways in which the defenses available to the defendant may affect a particular personal injury claim. Our legal team can provide additional information regarding personal injury claims and common defenses to allegations of comparative negligence.

Speak with a Lancaster County Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury of any kind may alter your life. Whether you are unable to continue performing the duties of your job, unable to perform household chores, or you are in need of specialized medical care for years to come, the impact of an injury is likely significant.

You may be entitled to compensation for the expenses and losses that you have suffered. For assistance with your potential case, contact a Lancaster County personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.