Bellevue Premises Liability Lawyer

Although many people may not think about it, they spend a lot of time each week on other people’s property. The places where we work, run errands, and even spend leisure time are usually the property of other people or businesses. This is a very important distinction to make if you suffer an injury on those premises. In such a scenario, a Bellevue premises liability lawyer could review your case and potentially help establish liability.

A skilled personal injury attorney at Inkelaar Law could help explain possible court procedures and how they may influence your case. Call and arrange an appointment to discuss your premises liability case.

Types of Premises Liability Accidents

There are various types of injuries and accidents that may occur on another person or entity’s property. Common situations that involve premises liability may include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Vehicle crashes in parking lots
  • Property defects, such as cracked or broken sidewalks
  • Product defects

Many accidents are caused or aggravated by poor weather conditions, including rain, snow, and ice. Since each accident is different, you may benefit from contacting a Bellevue premises liability attorney to help you sort through your case and determine the best approach for recovering damages.

Recovery for Premises Liability

You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries on someone else’s property by filing a civil lawsuit against the property owner. The success of your case may depend on your specific reason for entering another person’s property.

The landowner may have differing amounts of liability depending on whether you were on their property for a business reason, for a social visit, or as a trespasser. For example, a person who was injured while trespassing on another person’s property may be excluded from receiving damages, as they may have been on the property illegally.

However, when it comes to legal visitors such as business or social guests, property owners are generally responsible for protecting people on their property from any condition that could reasonably cause injury. In other words, the landowner typically must exercise reasonable care to protect visitors from conditions they knew—or should have known—about. Our dedicated attorneys at Inkelaar Law could help you recover damages following your accident.

Multiple Defendants

In some situations, multiple individuals may be responsible for your accident. For example, if you were injured by slipping and falling on a wet floor. You may be able to file claims against the store owner, the employee responsible for cleaning the floor, or even the manufacturer of the floor tile if it was broken or cratered.

Such cases may be complex and may depend on whether everyone involved could be shown as negligent in court. As a result, you may benefit from a full analysis of your case and an explanation of how certain legal options may influence your claim. Consult a premises liability lawyer in Bellevue to learn more.

Contact a Bellevue Premises Liability Attorney

If you were injured on another person’s property, your legal situation may be complicated. You may have different legal rights depending on who owns the property and why you were on that property to begin with.

For help and advice on your case, get in touch with a Bellevue premises liability lawyer at Inkelaar Law. Our attorneys could answer your questions and work with you to identify your best legal options. Additionally, they could also review with you the process of filing a civil lawsuit against those responsible for your injury.

If you decide to file a claim, our legal team could potentially represent you in court and work to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf. Call today to schedule an initial consultation at Inkelaar Law and start exploring what may be possible in your case.