Bellevue Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many people own a motorcycle because they are more convenient and enjoyable to ride around in than regular vehicles. However, motorcycles may also be more dangerous to their operators than cars, especially in the event of an accident. If you were recently in such an accident, contact a Bellevue motorcycle accident lawyer for a legal consultation.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law could review the specific facts of your motorcycle accident case and potentially help advise you on the next steps of a legal process that is most effective for your case. Motorcycle accidents often generate severe injuries that frequently incur unexpected and long-term expenses. To help handle such costs, you may want to work with an attorney to determine if another party acted negligently and potentially file a claim for damages. Compensation could significantly help address financial concerns of an injured individual. Call us today and schedule an appointment to get started on your claim.

Common Damages in Bellevue Motorcycle Collisions

In many instances, you may be able to collect damages for injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident through a civil lawsuit. These damages may include compensation for any out-of-pocket medical expenses, as well as payments for lost wages and other work-related consequences of your injuries.

The term “lost wages” generally refers to both current and future damages relating to missed work or an inability to work. For example, if you suffer broken bones that require a two-week hospital stay, you may be able to recover wages lost during those two weeks in which you were unable to work. This amount might include pro-rated salary, tips, or other work-related compensation.

Additionally, if you are unable to work for any future period, you may be able to collect part of your future wages with a Bellevue motorcycle accident attorney’s help. In the same vein, long-term disabilities could leave you unable to work for extended periods of time or indefinitely, but you may be able to collect damages for loss of earning capacity as well.

Motorcycle Accident Laws Applicable to Bellevue

Most civil lawsuits based on motorcycle accidents involve at least one negligence claim. In a standard negligence claim, the plaintiff commonly asserts that the defendant exposed them to unreasonable risks that caused injury or damage. To prove negligence in your case, you may have to show that:

  • The defendant had a duty of care to protect you
  • The defendant breached that duty
  • The defendant’s breach directly caused you to suffer a physical injury

For example, you may be able to claim that another driver was negligent because they drove carelessly. This is because careless driving would typically be considered a breach of the general duty to drive safely and often is a standard that applies to everyone on the road.

If the defendant’s careless driving directly resulted in your injuries, you might be able to succeed in a negligence claim. However, since negligence is frequently fact-specific you may want to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Bellevue as soon as possible if you have further questions on negligence or other legal theories.

Reach Out to a Bellevue Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In many accidents, motorcycle riders may sustain more damage or injuries than another driver in a standard four-wheeled vehicle, since motorcycles are often smaller than cars and have less structural protection. Our legal team is familiar with such accidents and the court procedures which may take place following a collision. If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, a Bellevue motorcycle accident lawyer can sit down with you and review your case. If you are ready to file a claim for damages do not wait another minute. Call Inkelaar Law now to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.