Bellevue Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are some of the most common—yet often unexpectedly serious—form of personal injuries. Larger dogs can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, severe skin tears, and permanent disfiguration. Even bites from smaller dogs can cause harmful infections.

Depending on certain circumstances, a dog’s owner may be held responsible by one of Inkelaar Law’s own dedicated personal injury attorneys for your injuries and related losses following a dog bite attack. A skilled Bellevue dog bite lawyer who specializes in personal injuries stemming from animal attacks could fight on your behalf to hold owners responsible for the violent acts of their animals.

How State Laws Can Impact Dog Bite Cases in Bellevue

Under Nebraska Revised Statutes §54-601, dog owners in Bellevue are liable for any damage that results from a dog bite. This is in direct opposition to many states that employ a so-called “one-bite rule.” The law applicable to Nebraska proceeds to state that dog owners need to take precautions not to let their dog injure or hurt another person. The only exception to this is if the injured person was trespassing or intentionally provoking the dog.

Nebraska’s dog bite statute also has an unusual limitation: it does not apply if the dog caused the accident through mischievousness or playfulness. As you can imagine, this part of the statute may create uncertainty during a civil case. The judge may have to base their decision on observations by eyewitnesses and testimonies from Bellevue dog bite attorneys.

Common Defenses to a Dog Bite Lawsuit

In some cases, dog owners may attempt to refute your claim against them or raise defenses in order to mitigate the amount of compensation they have to pay to you for your injuries. A dog owner facing a lawsuit may even argue that you were trespassing at the time of the accident.

Alternatively, the owner might also raise a defense that their dog was playing at the time of the accident. Although this defense may not eliminate liability on the part of the owner, it can make it more difficult for you to win damages. This is because it requires you to prove that negligence by the owner was the direct cause of your injury.

Time Limits for Filing a Bellevue Dog Bite Lawsuit

As for any other personal injury, you have strict time limit to file a lawsuit in court for a dog bite. This time period is dictated by the statute of limitations set forth by Nebraska state law. It grants four years from the date of an animal attack to file a personal injury lawsuit.

If you bring a lawsuit after the four-year period ends, the court may dismiss your case and refuse to hear it. To avoid this outcome, your best move could be ensuring that a dog bite lawyer in Bellevue is on hand to help you keep your case organized and meet all necessary deadlines.

Consulting with a Bellevue Dog Bite Attorney

If you suffered serious injuries from a dog bite, you may be comforted to know that you do have legal options. Pet owners have a duty to protect visitors and strangers from their animals. Just as a business owner must keep their property safe, a dog owner must prevent their animal from hurting others.

A skilled Bellevue dog bite lawyer could evaluate your case and provide you with legal insight to help protect your rights. To learn more, call Inkelaar Law now to schedule your initial consultation.