Lincoln Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn injury can have serious consequences for anyone who has suffered one. Not only are buns extremely painful, the fallout often sends victims into an emotional and financial spiral. In many cases, serious burns are the result of someone else’s negligence. Preventable burn injuries are much more difficult to bear, knowing that had someone been a bit more thoughtful, the accident would not have occurred at all.

Nebraska state law allows you to pursue legal action when your burns were caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. A Lincoln burn injury lawyer at Inkelaar Law can help you pursue compensation for the damages you incurred because of your injuries. Call today to schedule a free case review with one of our compassionate attorneys.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Anyone who has ever cooked before can tell you how easy it easy to burn yourself. Serious burns, however, occur much less frequently. Car accidents caused by reckless drivers often end with a victim badly burned by exploding fuel tanks. Work-related burn injuries are also common. When an employee works near chemicals, radiation, chemicals or electricity, they are at an increased risk of sustaining a burn on the job.

Burn injuries can be devastating, but they are especially heartbreaking in children. Such accidents often happen when a caregiver fails to adequately supervise the child. Other times, dangerous or defective products may end up in the hands of children, malfunctioning and causing burn injuries.

Recoverable Damages

Burn injuries often require extensive medical treatment. Patients may spend several days in the burn unit. They then have to take time off from their job while they recover. In some cases, victims sustain permanent injuries that impact their ability to perform their usual tasks at work. In those circumstances, they may need to adopt a whole new career path. All of this, combined with the expensive medical care needed after an accident, can seriously damage someone’s finances.

The emotional implications of burn injuries also take their toll. Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because of their experiences. When burns permanently damage someone’s body, their self-esteem may be critically damaged. It is no wonder that many burn victims need years of therapy and other mental health assistance due to their wounds.

A Lincoln burn injury attorney can help you recover the financial costs associated with your injuries and ensure you have the means to treat your physical and psychological ailments. While no amount of money can undo the pain, a settlement can ensure the easiest course of action as you move forward.

Let a Lincoln Burn Injury Attorney Help

If you or a loved one suffered burn injuries, call a Lincoln burn injury lawyer as soon as possible. With so much on the line, there is no time to waste. Seek the justice you deserve and hold the person responsible for your burn injuries liable.

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