Lincoln Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Life can change unexpectedly, but perhaps nothing is as shocking as finding you were paralyzed in an accident. The shock may turn to frustration when you learn your accident could have been prevented had someone else not acted recklessly. That moment of negligence can forever change your life.

If you suffered paralysis injuries in the Lincoln area, speak with one of our skilled attorneys at Inkelaar Law. A Lincoln paralysis injury lawyer can provide unique insight into your legal options moving forward and offer compassionate advice in the face of complicated decisions.

Common Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis can occur in many settings but usually happens when a person’s spine suffers a forceful impact. Most frequently, paralysis stems from motor vehicle crashes where a person’s body absorbs the weight and speed of the colliding cars. Similarly, people injured in motorcycle wrecks, cycling accidents, and pedestrian collisions also endure catastrophically and potentially paralyzing injuries. Negligent drivers should be held responsible for the fallout of the crashes they cause.

Work-related incidents can also cause paralysis. When a company does not adequately protect their employees from unsafe working environments, workers can suffer the consequences. For example, falls frequently result in paralysis in construction workers. In such cases, the victim may have reason to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Medical malpractice, premises liability, and defective products can also lead to paralyzing injuries. Regardless of the reason, paralysis injuries can permanently alter the way you live your life. Nebraska state law allows you to pursue legal action against the negligent people responsible for the accident.

Options for Seeking Compensation

There are countless ways life changes after a paralysis injury. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, paralysis upends your life. Not only do you have to shoulder the weight of unexpected medical bills, you may also face the reality that you may never be able to work again. Such a realization is enough to send even the healthiest person into a depression, but the added financial impact of the loss your career can be overwhelming.

However, there are legal options for you. A Lincoln paralysis injury lawyer can help pursue compensation for any damages incurred in the accident that led to the paralysis. Economic damages such as lost wages and medical bills are frequently included in settlements, as are non-economic damages. Pain and suffering and mental anguish cannot be undone by compensation, but a settlement can help someone be able to afford any treatment they need.

Get Help From a Lincoln Paralysis Injury Attorney

Talk to a knowledgeable attorney today. A Lincoln paralysis injury lawyer can offer you valuable insight into your legal options and take the first steps towards achieving justice on your behalf. Do not allow another person’s recklessness to send you into financial ruin. Instead, take charge and hold them accountable for their negligence.

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