Lincoln Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

There are few injuries more devastating than a spinal cord injury. Depending upon the damage, people suffering spinal cord injuries find they may never walk again. Such catastrophic injuries can change your entire world, upending a once happy life.

Nebraska state law allows individuals with spinal cord injuries to pursue compensation if their accident was caused by another person’s negligence. A Lincoln spinal cord injury lawyer can help pursue compensation for the damage caused by accident. Explore your options with one of our knowledgeable attorneys at Inkelaar Law today by calling to set up a consultation.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can occur anytime your back or neck sustains any trauma. Most frequently, these injuries stem from car accidents and falls. The Mayo Clinic says more than half of all spinal cord injuries happen because of car accidents. When a motorist is struck by another vehicle, their body is put under immense pressure from the weight and speed of the cars involved. A strong enough blow to the spine can fracture the vertebrae and even cut the spinal cord. Such incidents can result in complete loss of motor function below the injury.

Falls also account for many spinal cord injuries. The elderly are at a higher risk for such accidents than any other population. When they walk on surfaces that are slick with water or ice or littered with hazards, they can fall to the ground. Injuries from falls can also result in total loss of motor function.

While some people with spinal cord injuries maintain sensory and motor function, others suffer from complete paralysis. The symptoms of such can vary dramatically from person to person.

Serious Injuries Aftermath

The damages associated with spinal cord injuries can be immense. The pain and suffering is just the beginning of the expensive and often catastrophic consequences such injuries can have on your life. Many people rack up thousands of dollars of debt in medical bills treating their injuries. Some suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological damage that requires months of work with a therapist.

People with spinal cord injuries often can no longer perform the duties they need to complete at work. Their loss of income is an additional financial blow to an already difficult situation. However, if you sustained a spinal cord injury, you have options.

With the help of a Lincoln spinal cord injury attorney, you can pursue compensation for the damages you sustained in your accident. You can hold the person who caused the incident responsible and require them to bear the financial weight of the damage.

Help From a Lincoln Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Life after a spinal cord injury can feel hopeless. A Lincoln spinal cord injury lawyer can help you find a way to move forward. When taking legal action seems an impossible burden, allow one of our dedicated attorneys at Inkelaar Law to take up your fight for compensation.

Call today to schedule your consultation. Statutes of limitations may prevent you from pursuing the settlements you deserve, so time is of the essence.