Lancaster County Dog Bite Lawyer

Nebraska’s dog bite laws tend to reflect the compassion the state has for dogs and the notion that most dogs are good-natured regardless of their breed. When a dog does attack someone, it is often because the dog’s owner has acted negligently in some way.

If you or your child suffered a dog bite, an experienced Lancaster County dog bite lawyer can help you seek compensation from the irresponsible dog owner. Consult a skilled Inkelaar Law personal injury attorney about your legal rights following a dog bite.

Strict Dog Bite Laws in Lancaster County

Nebraska law treats negligent dog owners strictly and assumes that the owner is responsible for their pet’s conduct in most instances. In certain cases, it should be noted that a dog owner could potentially avoid liability if a person trespasses on the person’s property and is bitten. Trespassers are exempted from legal protection under Nebraska’s strict liability dog bite laws.

There are several factors the courts consider when determining whether a dog owner acted negligently. These factors examine whether:

  • The dog received proper care and socialization
  • The owners bred the dog for the specific purpose of dog fighting or other aggressive behavior
  • The owner abused or neglected their dog, which includes keeping it outside in rough weather conditions or failing to provide it with adequate medical care when sick

Courts may also consider whether the owner posted warning signs about their dog, kept their dog on a leash, or kept the dog behind a fence. An experienced Lancaster County dog bite attorney could help you examine these various factors to strengthen your case.

Possible Exemptions

Nebraska law also maintains a provision that could be interpreted as a broad exemption for dog bites. This provision allows leniency for dogs who cause an injury through playfulness or mischievousness. In certain instances, a dog may believe it is playing when it attacks and causes you severe injuries. Our seasoned Lancaster County lawyers are familiar with the exemptions to the Nebraska dog bite statute. Seasoned attorneys at Inkelaar Law may know the strategies for rebutting claims that a vicious dog was simply being playful or mischievous.

Damages for Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites may be disfiguring, disabling, or even fatal. After a dog attack, you might require extensive surgeries. These procedures could include:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Skin grafts
  • Reconstruction or amputation of fingers and toes, hands and feet, arms and legs
  • Reconstruction for the nose, tongue, jaw or lips

Consequently, you could be eligible for a vast range of compensation awards. This includes reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, or other monetary costs.  Personal injury claimants filing suit for dog bite injuries could also be eligible for compensation of the loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and other non-monetary damages.

Dog bite plaintiffs often embody the very reason non-economic damages are available in personal injury cases. After being attacked by a dog, you might experience post-traumatic stress, lingering pain, multiple surgeries, and the emotional trauma that comes with the scarring and disfigurement common in such incidents.

While no amount of compensation may restore your health or appearance, obtaining necessary funds could enable you to receive the best care, therapy, and support available as you move forward. A dedicated dog bite lawyer in Lancaster County could help you understand how much compensation your injuries may entitle you to.

Consult an Experienced Dog Bite Attorney in Lancaster County

No matter the severity or circumstances of your dog bite injury, a well-versed Lancaster County dog bite lawyer from Inkelaar Law could help you seek the compensation you may need to recover from such a traumatic incident. For assistance with your case, reach out to the Inkelaar Law Firm today and schedule an initial consultation.