Lancaster County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

While pedestrians typically take precautions to protect themselves when they are out and about on foot, not much can be done to prevent the harm caused by a negligent driver who does not prioritize pedestrian safety. If you or your loved one suffered injury after being struck by a moving vehicle while on foot. A Lancaster County pedestrian accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Reach out to our experienced personal injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law to learn your rights and legal options.

Liability in Pedestrian Accidents in Lancaster County

Whether an injured pedestrian is a jogger, a parade-goer, a senior citizen, or a child, a negligent driver who strikes them could be held liable for their injuries and other damages. Some of the other parties who could be held responsible for a pedestrian’s damages include:

  • The parent company of a commercial driver who strikes a pedestrian, and their insurer
  • The public or private entity which operates a transportation carrier, such as a bus that hit a pedestrian or would-be passenger
  • The public entity or business responsible for maintaining safe crosswalks, well-lit intersections, and adequate signage and traffic signals

A knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer in Lancaster County could help evaluate the strength of your case and the evidence of the negligent driver’s fault.

Comparative Negligence Laws in Foot Traffic Crash Cases

Nebraska maintains comparative negligence laws that permit plaintiffs to pursue compensation from the negligent party who caused their injuries so long as their percentage of responsibility is not 50 percent responsible or higher. It should be noted, though, that while a partially liable plaintiff’s claim would not necessarily be barred altogether from going forward, their recovery of damages could be reduced by the portion of fault they share.

Pedestrian accident defendants commonly claim that the pedestrian is actually responsible for the accident and may cite a variety of reasons. These reasons may include claiming that the pedestrian:

  • Did not cross at a crosswalk
  • Was not wearing reflective gear
  • Was inadequately supervising an injured child
  • Failed to make it all the way across the crosswalk before the signal changes

A well-practiced Lancaster County pedestrian accident attorney from Inkelaar Law should be familiar with—and can work to refute—these types of arguments. Which a defendant may use in an attempt to reduce their liability for a pedestrian crash. Even if you could be partially at fault for a pedestrian accident, our legal team can still seek the full amount of damages available on your behalf.

Damages for Pedestrian Wrecks

Pedestrian plaintiffs frequently face staggering medical bills, surgical costs, hospital stays, and even total disability. They may also suffer additional financial damages due to lost wages or might be unable to return to work at all.

Individuals injured under such circumstances could be eligible for compensation of these types of economic losses, and for pain and suffering, the loss of the ability to enjoy life or pursue previously cherished hobbies and goals, or other noneconomic damages. If a pedestrian passes away after being struck by a vehicle, their surviving family may be able to obtain wrongful death benefits to cover the funeral expenses, last medical bills, lost income and support, and other costs.

Consult an Accomplished Lancaster County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Whatever the circumstances of your incident, a compassionate Lancaster County pedestrian accident lawyer could advocate for your rights as a victim of a negligent driver. If you or your loved one are dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, reach out to a skilled attorney from Inkelaar Law today for a consultation and evaluation of the damages you could pursue.