Lancaster County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Given the frequency with which new prescription drugs are introduced to the public, sometimes the serious side effects these drugs contain might not be appropriately listed. Since every drug has the potential to be dangerous if used outside of its intended purposes, medications could become dangerous if a manufacturer fails to properly warn users of contraindications.

If you believe that you were critically injured because of a drug manufacturer’s negligence or recklessness, a Lancaster County dangerous drugs lawyer could explain your options. Once retained, a well-versed personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law can assist you in preparing a legal claim.

Filing an Unsafe Medication Lawsuit

If you can illustrate that the manufacturer of a drug should have known or did know about serious side effects linked to a medication and failed to advise the public about them, a civil claim could be brought against that manufacturer. To recover damages, you must be able to show that the manufacturer had a duty of care to the users of the drug and that by breaching this duty the manufacturer caused you to suffer side effects.

As stated in Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-224, actions related to product liability must be filed within four years of the date you discovered the problem. If you fail to file your claim within this period, you may lose any chance to seek compensation for your injuries. As such, it may be critical for you to contact an adept dangerous drug lawyer in Lancaster County immediately so that you do not miss this filing deadline.

Pharmaceutical Injury Causes

Each medicine is meant to address a specific set of problems and must be approved by the FDA. In many cases, though, prescription drugs could lead to further medical complications for a patient, which could worsen existing injuries or may even create new ones. Some of the most common causes of dangerous drug injuries include:

  • Dangerous interactions with other medicines being taken
  • A patient not being informed of inherent risks associated with a medication
  • Toxic ingredients inside a drug that cause other medical conditions or problems

Given the number of patients who may be affected by a single dangerous drug, these cases are often consolidated in multi-district litigation. An experienced Lancaster County lawyer can help you investigate the cause of your dangerous drug injury and determine whether you have a viable legal claim, or whether you could join another case already in progress.

Deciding to Hire a Lancaster County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

A Lancaster County dangerous drugs lawyer could help you take legal action against major pharmaceutical companies for their negligence. While drug manufacturers often have large legal teams to fight allegations of unsafe drug distribution, a hard-working attorney from Inkelaar Law can provide the legal support you need to pursue compensation for your damages.

It is crucial for you to call a skilled lawyer today to begin your case. Scheduling a consultation sooner rather than later could help you avoid missing the time restrictions for pursuing your compensation. Call today to learn more.