Lancaster County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, the inattentiveness of another driver could still put you at risk of an accident. If another person ignores the rules of the road and causes a wreck, you could suffer serious injuries by no fault of your own.

Individuals who were harmed by the negligence and recklessness of another driver could consult a Lancaster County motorcycle accident lawyer to learn their rights. A well-versed injury attorney from Inkelaar Law can review your case and potentially help you take action against the responsible party through a personal injury claim.

Understanding Fault in Motorcycle Collision Cases

Nebraska is a traditional fault-based state when it comes to determining who could be held financially responsible for the losses suffered in a motor vehicle crash. Commonly compensable damages include the costs of vehicle and property repairs, lost income from being unable to work, and medical expenses for your injuries.

Injuries stemming from motorcycle wrecks are often particularly severe since a biker does not have the same protections as a person inside a car. Given the expenses that could be associated with medical care and other damages, you should focus on the determination of fault for your motorcycle collision before moving forward with an injury claim.

If they are proven to be legally at fault, the individual who was responsible for causing the accident may also be held responsible for any resulting harm. Depending on the circumstances, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier could absorb these losses up to policy limits. An experienced motorcycle collision attorney in Lancaster County can investigate the cause of your crash and help determine how fault may play into your injury claim.

Filing a Lawsuit for Motorbike Injuries

You may have several options available if you wish to recover compensation for your accident. Filing a claim directly with your own insurance company—assuming that the loss is covered—is the first option. Other options include filing a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier or bringing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against the responsible driver.

Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207 explains the statute of limitations that applies to practically all lawsuits associated with a motorcycle collision. As a potential plaintiff, this statute gives you no more than four years after the date of the accident to file your injury claim.

Also, it is important to note that the state follows a modified comparative negligence rule. This means that a plaintiff’s assigned share of negligence could reduce the damages they receive for their motorcycle collision claim. An accomplished motorcycle crash lawyer in Lancaster County could review your case and explain which option for recovering compensation may best suit your situation.

What to Expect with a Lancaster County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As a motorcycle accident victim, it is highly likely that you sustained serious or even life-threatening injuries due to your involvement in such an accident. A Lancaster County motorcycle accident lawyer could help you determine how your life may be affected in the future and pursue appropriate compensation through civil litigation.

A personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law could explain to you some of the common challenges in pursuing a case. Call today to learn more about how our adept legal team can assist you.