Lancaster County Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability claims are based on accidents that occur on a negligent property owner’s site. If you or your loved one suffered a personal injury on another entity’s property, the ownership of the business, residence, a public or private institution, or another facility. A Lancaster County premises liability lawyer from our firm could work with you to hold the liable party accountable. Once retained, an experienced personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law can help you pursue compensation for the injuries you incurred.

Factors Courts Consider in Premises Liability Claims

There are many kinds of premises liability accidents. These may include slip and fall injuries, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, transportation carrier injuries, or even assaults due to inadequate security.

It should be noted that an accident occurring on another person’s property does not automatically mean the property owner would be liable for the plaintiff’s damages. Courts consider several factors when determining whether the property owner is responsible for compensating the injured person. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Whether the property owner regularly inspected their property for hazards, especially those dangers common in the industry, such as spills in grocery stores
  • Whether the property owners or management took steps to warn customers or visitors of hazards present, such as when a facility requires maintenance staff to place signs warning of recently mopped floors
  • Whether the property owners repaired or replaced hazards within a reasonable timeframe after receiving notice of the defect or danger
  • Whether the type of hazard present was especially egregious or dangerous, such as live electrical wires on the ground
  • Who the injured plaintiff is, which includes whether they were a child or a trespasser and whether they had a right to be on the property

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for damage awards covering their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Our attorneys at Inkelaar could help you determine whether you have a valid premises liability case in Lancaster County.

Comparative Fault in Lancaster County

In premises liability claims, Nebraska’s negligence laws dealing with how fault is apportioned may become relevant when a defendant alleges the plaintiff suing them did something to cause or contribute to their own injuries. Almost any type of injury could be blamed on the injured person’s conduct in some way. Consequently, defendants are apt to claim contributing negligence as a defense to reduce or eliminate their liability.

Nebraska bars recovery of damages in personal injury cases for plaintiffs whose fault is equal to or greater than that ascribed to the defendant. For this reason, it may be especially important that you work with an experienced premises liability lawyer in Lancaster County. A seasoned attorney could help counter a defendant’s claims that your own negligence should bar or significantly reduce their liability.

Consult an Accomplished Lancaster County Premises Liability Attorney

Whether your injuries are mild, moderate, or severe. A skilled Lancaster County premises liability lawyer can work with you to hold the negligent property owner responsible for their wrongful conduct. Your knowledgeable personal attorney from the Inkelaar Law Firm could investigate the circumstances that led to your injury and determine whether the property owner’s negligence gave rise to the accident. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.