Lancaster County Car Accident Lawyer

A car wreck can be a terrifying event that may leave you with serious concerns regarding your health and well-being. Whether you sustained a personal injury from a rear-end, t-bone, or a head-on collision, you may experience pain immediately or within the next days after the crash. While the cause of the pain may be evident, the extent of the injury might not be clear until the individual receives proper medical attention.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a vehicle crash, do not hesitate to contact a Lancaster County car accident lawyer. A well-practiced personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law could provide the legal support and guidance you need to recover compensation for the damages someone else caused you to suffer. 

Potential Compensation for Car Wreck Plaintiffs

Along with many other aspects of your case, one of our Lancaster County car wreck lawyers at Inkelaar Law could assist you with gathering medical bills and assessing the value of your injury claim. Both past and future medical costs could be recoverable in a car accident case, including those related to hospital stays, rehabilitation, and necessary devices or equipment.

An injured party may also be able to recover for loss of income. You could pursue compensation for lost earnings if your injury caused them to miss several hours of work, or if their injury has diminished their earning capacity.

Non-economic damages may also be significant in a car accident claim. Pain and suffering and emotional distress are two types of non-economic damages for which injured individuals commonly seek compensation. While these types of damages may be more difficult to quantify than economic damages, qualified legal counsel could help you understand how they may be applicable in your circumstances.

Finally, punitive damages—which serve the specific purpose of deterring bad behavior—are not commonly warranted in car wreck cases, as negligence alone is often insufficient as grounds for punitive damages. A thorough review of the facts surrounding a car accident case by a dedicated attorney could lead to a determination regarding the appropriateness of punitive damages.

Documentation in Vehicle Collision Cases

Driver errors, road or weather conditions, improper vehicle maintenance, and many other factors can contribute to a car wreck. However, without proper documentation of how these elements combined to cause you injury, you would have a difficult time recovering compensation through civil litigation.

Accident Report

An accident report can be a vital source of evidence regarding the factors that contributed to the accident, as well as for supporting a finding of fault. An experienced attorney from Inkelaar Law could help you collect and effectively utilize a car accident report as evidence in your injury claim.

Medical Records

If an injured individual seeks medical care following their accident, the medical records generated during treatment will likely contain important information regarding the injuries sustained. These records could be used to calculate how much compensation you should pursue.

Photographs of the Accident

Photographs can serve as visual aids. Responding law enforcement officers may take photographs at the scene of the accident, and injured individuals may also take photographs of their car or injuries to show the severity of the impact. A car accident lawyer in Lancaster County can elaborate further on the importance of documentation for negotiation and trial.

Call a Lancaster County Car Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured in a car accident, you may be suffering from any number of symptoms. If so, the negligence of another automobile driver or company may entitle you to compensation for your injuries and suffering. Potential plaintiffs should note, however, that strict filing deadlines apply to car accident lawsuits, and allowing the filing deadline to approach on a car wreck claim could put your financial recovery in jeopardy.

If another person’s carelessness or recklessness caused your car wreck injuries, an Inkelaar Law attorney could help. Contact a Lancaster County car accident lawyer for legal assistance immediately.