Calculating Omaha Truck Accident Settlements

Unexpected expenses for medical bills and property damage can make someone who is attempting to recover from severe injuries feel quite overwhelmed. Additionally, calculating Omaha truck accident settlements is often a difficult process. Therefore, an injured person may benefit significantly from speaking with a qualified truck accident lawyer. Our attorneys at Inkelaar Law could review the factors that may have contributed to the collision and work to hold the negligent party accountable. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries following a collision with a tractor-trailer, call today and set up an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal options.

Potential Damages Available in a Truck Collision Settlement

When calculating Omaha truck accident settlements, an injured person and his or her attorney should consider a variety of factors. These frequently include the amount of wages a person loses during recovery, current medical expense, future medical expenses, and potential expenses due to property damage. Additionally, an individual may be eligible to file for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. In some cases, especially when a driver acts excessively reckless, an injured individual may be eligible to pursue punitive damages. These types of damages are not always applicable or allowed. However, a dedicated truck accident attorney could help identify which damages a person may qualify. If a case proceeds to trial, the judge or jury may calculate the amount of money that a plaintiff receives in an auto accident.

Settlement Time Frame

There is generally no set time frame for a settlement to be completed. The timing of a settlement often depends on how smoothly negotiations take place with the opposing party. It is common for the opposing party to disagree with the plaintiff on settlement amounts and as a result, many delays could occur. In short, the settlement process could take a few weeks or months. For cases complicated with many injuries and high valued damages, a settlement could take several years to resolve. Additionally, and in many cases, the process may be expedited by gathering all the evidence applicable to the case and submitting it to the insurance company or opposing party in a timely fashion. Regardless of the disagreement, a seasoned truck accident attorney who is familiar with calculating Omaha truck accident settlements could advocate on your behalf and work to secure a fair settlement.

Truck Collision Settlement Factors

It is important for individuals who are injured in truck accidents to consider a wide range of factors that may impact his or her case. In some instances, when an injured person files a lawsuit or claim against another party for negligence, he or she may receive a counterclaim accusing them of negligence. In such a counterclaim, the defense is typically alleging that the injured individual also contributed to the incident that led to his or her injuries and should be held partially responsible. If an injured individual is found partially negligent or responsible for the collision, the damages or amount of the settlement may be reduced.

Contact a Skilled Attorney About Calculating Truck Accident Settlements in Omaha

Truck accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and severe property damage. A person who has experienced such a traumatic event should consult a skilled tractor trailer accident lawyer who understands calculating Omaha truck accident settlements. Call us today at Inkelaar Law and set up an appointment to start determining an effective course of legal action.