Omaha Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Omaha’s climate leaves the roads susceptible to the specific effects of bad weather. Omaha has hot weather in the summer that causes expansion and potholes when there is a significant amount of rain. Also, icy roads are common in the winter, which could create issues for drivers. Given the potential hazards drivers face on a daily basis, truck wrecks have become a common occurrence during poor weather conditions. If you were involved in a truck collision while driving in bad weather, contact one of our dedicated truck accident attorneys at Inkelaar Law. A truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer in Omaha can explain your rights.

Preventing Bad Weather Collisions

To protect yourself from weather-related accidents, you should driver slower in conditions that are considered to be more difficult. Exercising due care with slower speeds can be crucial to avoiding a truck collision. You need to be sure that you are driving with quality tires. If there are harsh snow conditions, you could use chains on your tires. If you are driving at night, you should check your lighting. You should not brake the vehicle too quickly as it can send the car sliding. Poor weather conditions make it more challenging for the vehicles to stop within a safe distance, which could cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Can Poor Weather Conditions Impact Liability?

Bad weather conditions can impact the assignment of liable in a truck collision claim. Dangerous weather can be used as an indicator of the reasonable care that a driver needs to exercise when operating in poor weather conditions. This means that drivers are required to exercise a higher degree of care when they are operating under hazardous weather conditions. Courts and juries could consider these factors when deciding if the plaintiff should receive a settlement and how much the damages should be. Fortunately, a truck accidents involving bad weather attorney in Omaha can help assign liability and fight for your right to compensation.

Evidence an Attorney Could Use in a Bad Weather Accident Claim

A truck wreck involving poor weather conditions attorney can help you collect evidence following an accident. Our lawyers at Inkelaar Law could take photographs of the scene of the wreck and document the weather conditions at the time of the crash. Expert witnesses and accident reconstructionists could be brought in to examine the evidence. The reconstructionist tries to discern if there were weather conditions that could be attributed to the accident.

If another vehicle was not involved, a lawyer will want to look at the other conditions that are around the wreck. The wreck could have been caused by the city, owner of a property, or another person.

An Omaha Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather Attorney Could Help

An experienced truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer in Omaha can help you recover damages if you were injured in a truck wreck while driving in poor weather conditions. Our lawyers at Inkelaar Law can help with the legal matters so that you can focus on recovering from your accident. Call us today and set up a consultation.