Omaha Truck Accident Damages

When someone is injured in a truck accident that is not their fault, they may be able to recover damages for their losses. The type of damages a person may recover are economic and non-economic damages. In Nebraska, individuals are not able to recover punitive damages. If you have been injured in a truck accident, seek the services of a seasoned lawyer at Inkeelar Law who is experienced in calculating Omaha truck accident damages.

Recovering Damages

Economic damages are related to the amount of money you have lost due to the accident. Recoverable damages include loss of wages, loss of future earnings, loss of personal property, and medical expenses. Non-economic damages refer to the pain and suffering you endured due to the accident, psychological and physical injuries, stress, and inconvenience from the wreck.

The damages awarded are the amount deemed to be reasonable and necessary as they relate to the accident. Also, Omaha does not have a cap on economic or non-economic damages for truck collisions.

Common Injuries

Common injuries that can occur as the result of a truck accident include:

  • Broken bones;
  • Back injuries;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Head trauma; and
  • Brain injuries.

These injuries can have immediate and long-term effects. Due to the size of commercial trucks, truck collisions are often more severe than car wrecks. Common potential lifetime conditions that can happen as a result of a truck accident include traumatic brain injuries, permanent injuries to limbs, and paralysis.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

The amount of non-economic damages are not set under the law, they are set by a judge or a jury. The calculation of the award for non-economic damages is determined by the nature and the extent of the injuries you have suffered. The judge and jury examine the facts of the case and come to a consensus on what they consider to be a fair and equitable amount to compensate you for your pain and suffering. When calculating truck accident damages in Omaha, it is very beneficial that you hire an attorney who can help show the judge and jury how the wreck has affected your life.

Attorney’s Role

When you are trying to decide whether to file a claim, an attorney at Inkeelar Law could make sure you understand your rights and what you are entitled to. We can help you get the medical treatment that you deserve. A lawyer’s role is also going to consist of gather evidence that can help prove your claim. By hiring a lawyer, you will have someone by your side every step of the way to ensure that you are able to recover from your accident.

Steps a Lawyer Takes to Recover Damages

The first step an attorney takes when working to recover Omaha truck accident damages is to meet with you and gather information. A lawyer at Inkeelar Law will evaluate the medical expenses and records, police reports, photographs, and witness statements. An attorney coordinates an investigation of how the accident occurred and the consequences the accident has had on you.

We could search out expert witnesses who can help establish liability, the extent of the injuries, and calculate the economic impact. A lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need following an accident.