Omaha Truck Accident Settlement Options

If you are seeking to better gauge your Omaha truck accident settlement options, consider reaching out to a well-practiced truck collision attorney. While a settlement may seem relatively straightforward, there are multiple factors that go into calculating the amount a person should receive. Negotiating with insurance companies, defendants, and their attorneys without a seasoned legal professional can be overwhelming. Contact our hard-working lawyers from Inkelaar law to schedule a consultation.

Specific Information to Have During the Initial Consultation

When you are coming in for your initial consultation, it is important that you have specific information with you related to the truck accident claim. This could include:

  • Accident report
  • Information about the witnesses
  • Parties involved in the truck accident
  • Any documents related to insurance coverage
  • Photographs of the scene of the wreck if possible
  • Medical bill information

After reviewing the facts of the accident, our lawyers at Inkelaar Law can determine whether you have a valid claim and how much compensation you may be entitled to. Then, we can help you learn more about your Omaha truck accident settlement options.

Truck Wreck Compensation

In a truck accident settlement, you could be entitled to damages. This includes economic and non-economic damages. You may be entitled to property damages to your vehicle as well as any other personal property lost in the accident. Economic damages also include medical bills and lost wages you may have due to the wreck. Non-economic damages could include loss of earning ability, inconvenience, and pain and suffering.

Deciding Between a Settlement and Going to Trial

In an injury claim, the plaintiff is always the individual who ultimately makes the decision as to whether to settle or go to trial. The reasons some people choose to settle is due to the costs of pursuing the case, the cost of expert witnesses, the risks of going to trial, and the amount they may have been offered. Also, going to trial can be a long process which is why some may choose to settle instead.

Perhaps the biggest reasons why someone may choose to settle rather than go to trial is the uncertainty of outcome and the amount of money being offered in the case. Therefore, if you believe that the defendant is offering you a low amount of money, then you may want to refuse the settlement offer and take the case to trial. Our seasoned lawyers could help you learn about your Omaha truck accident settlement options and give you advice on what may be your best option to take.

Understanding the Settlement Process in Omaha

The settlement procedure requires a gathering of all information and all costs related to the accident, which could then be presented to an insurance company with the help of a skilled attorney from Inkaleer law. Amounts could be demanded for any losses you may have incurred related to the accident, and then there is the process of negotiations between you, the plaintiff of the case, and the insurance company. The settlement process will come to a conclusion with an amount of money that may be acceptable to both sides.

Call to Learn About Your Truck Accident Settlement Options in Omaha

The dedicated lawyers at Inkelaar Law could help you understand your Omaha truck accident settlement options. The amount of money that an injured person may be entitled to is typically unknown to the average individual. However, our attorneys have experience handling these types of cases and could help you understand your options and make decisions that fit in with your best interests. If you were injured in a trucking collision, call us today and schedule a consultation.