Federal Trucking Laws and Trucking Industry Regulations In Omaha

While operating on the roadway, truck drivers are generally expected to adhere to the federal trucking laws and trucking industry regulations in Omaha. Failure to follow these standards could result in severe accidents that may cause devastating injuries and in some cases, loss of life.

Someone who was injured by a truck driver’s disregard for the trucking industry’s laws and federal regulations may want to retain the legal services of a tenacious injury attorney. They could examine the case facts and circumstances to help determine the exact violations a truck driver may have committed. In many cases, when an injured person can demonstrate the negligence of another party and show how it contributed to their wounds, they may be able to pursue compensation by filing a claim.

Federal Trucking Laws

The trucking industry is typically regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which is an agency within the United States Department of Transportation. They look at industry standards, as well as review customs and practices in the industry. To further inform their regulations, they may also conduct engineering and safety studies on different activities and regulations which correspond to the trucking industry.

How Federal Trucking Laws Influence Industry Standards in Omaha

Trucking industry standards and regulations in Omaha are often based off of the established federal trucking laws. Maintaining compliance is typically important. A truck driver who violates their duty of care may leave trucking companies vulnerable to sanctions, such as heavy fines, forced removal of the vehicle from service, or legal prosecution of drivers for not upholding the standards.

Examples of companies complying with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations may include the logging of hours and having the appropriate licenses and requirements for special certifications for hazardous versus non-hazardous freight. There is also a minimum insurance coverage that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act may require of trucking companies. Truck operators and their employers may also benefit from refraining from consuming alcohol or drugs, as it is generally illegal to operate their motor vehicle under such intoxication.

The reckless actions of a truck driver or trucking company could change the life of another driver and their family instantaneously. Contact a dedicated injury attorney who could help advocate and identify potential compensation options that may be applicable to the case. Medical expenses following such a crash may devastate a person’s health, as well as their financial situation.

Understanding Insurance in a Trucking Accident

Trucking companies are often required to maintain a minimum of $1 million of liability coverage. However, this level of liability coverage may be influenced by whether the freight of the truck is considered hazardous material or non-hazardous material. The million-dollar level of liability coverage is typically for non-hazardous material and this minimum may increase hazardous material.

Consulting a Trucking Lawyer About Federal Trucking Industry Regulations In Omaha

When an accident is caused by a truck driver’s negligent action or a trucking company’s non-compliance with federal trucking laws and trucking industry regulations in Omaha, an injured person may be eligible to receive financial compensation. Damages could help address the financial strain of property damage and medical bills. Call a resourceful injury attorney to schedule a consultation and potentially begin filing paperwork for a claim.