Types of Injuries in Omaha Truck Accident Cases

There are more than 815,000 public, commercial, and privately owned trucks in the state of Nebraska. Although this accounts for less than 1 percent of all trucks registered in the United States, it is fairly common to see large trucks driving on the highways and interstates of Nebraska.

Overall, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) notes that there are more than 10.2 million large trucks registered throughout the United States. Furthermore, the same data indicates that in 2011 there were more than 273,000 large truck accidents reported to the FMCSA.

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, in 2012, approximately 3.8 percent of all collisions involved large trucks and 16 percent involved pick-up trucks. Semi-trailers specifically were involved in 979 truck accidents of which 28 percent led to injuries and more than two dozen were fatal. Additionally, 70 percent of truck accidents in Nebraska led to property damage.

When a motor vehicle is involved in a collision with a truck that weighs thousands of pounds, the results can be devastating. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck collision caused by a negligent driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

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Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accident statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration note that more than 88,000 persons were injured in the truck accidents reported in 2011. The number of individuals injured is actually 8,000 more than the number of persons injured in large truck accidents in 2010 and a 19 percent increase compared to 2009.

Although the number of registered large trucks has significantly dropped, the number of fatal and injury-related accidents has increased over the years.

Some common truck injuries include:

Head Trauma
Injuries such as traumatic brain injury and concussions are common as victims may hit their head on the steering wheel column or dashboard upon impact.

Broken Bones
Due to the large size of these trucks, vehicles are often crushed under the weight of being struck and those inside might suffer broken bones during the crash or when the collide with items within the vehicle such as the dashboard.

Internal Injuries
Some truck accidents victims can suffer from internal injuries such as organ damage and internal bleeding. Getting medical treatment after an accident is important for diagnosing visible and concealed injuries.

The sudden jerk forward and back during a car crash often leads to one of the most common types of injuries, whiplash. Common symptoms include neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, and headaches.

Loss of Limb
This devastating type of injury can occur when an individual gets pinned in their vehicle, during truck underride collision, and more. Unfortunately this type of injury can occur to most anyone during most any type of accident.

Spinal Cord Injuries/ Paralysis
Another serious injury that may be caused during a truck crash is a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury resulting in partial or total paralysis.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal truck collision, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death suit in order to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more.

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