Negligence in Omaha Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents are not only more dangerous than car wrecks but are also more complex. This is because it is common for multiple parties to be at-fault and the numerous regulations for commercial trucks. If you have been injured in a truck collision, contact a dedicated lawyer at Inkelaar Law who is experienced assigning negligence in Omaha truck accident cases. One of our attorneys could help you get the compensation you deserve following your accident.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There are numerous factors that can impact a truck driver’s ability to drive safely on the roads. The most common causes of truck accidents in Omaha include:

  • Driver fatigue;
  • Speeding;
  • Texting and driving;
  • Inadequate training; and
  • Failing to follow regulations.

Comparative Negligence

Omaha is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. Comparative fault looks at an accident and determines which person caused the accident. When more than one person is involved in an accident, the fault of each person involved is compared in relation to each other and in relation to the accident. A percentage is determined to define the amount of fault each person contributed to the accident.

The individual with the highest percentage of fault over 50 percent must pay the damages to the other person or persons involved in the accident. Negligence in Omaha truck accident cases depends on many factors. Factors that can move fault one way or another in an Omaha truck accident case are the lack of truck driving experienced, speed, inattention, texting and driving, improper use of equipment in a vehicle, and defective vehicle equipment.

Common Injuries

Truck accident injuries are often more severe than injuries sustained in car wrecks. Common injuries in truck accidents are:

  • Broken bones;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Paralysis; and
  • Permanent impairment.

Complications of Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims in Nebraska are handled based on motor carrier regulations that cover commercial vehicles. Trucks are typically commercial vehicles that require specific training, attention to detail, and qualified drivers. An accomplished attorney will have knowledge of factors related to motor carrier regulations that could increase or decrease the value of your case. You need to understand that truck accident cases are complicated and require special comprehension to determine who is responsible for an accident and how much a person may collect for damages in an accident.

The reason truck accidents are complicated is because they are governed by federal and state regulations. These regulations require detailed training and licensure for commercial vehicles including trucks. The regulations complicate how a case determines who is responsible for the injuries in the accident and who would pay for the damages.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Immediately

It is important to contact an attorney immediately after a collision so that an attorney may begin gathering evidence from the accident. The evidence is crucial and, as time passes, it becomes more difficult to gather information related to the accident. An attorney may work with an investigator to determine what happened in the accident by assessing the injuries sustained, reviewing the truck driver’s logs, identifying witnesses, and taking photographs.

If you have been injured in a truck wreck, contact one of our accomplished lawyers who know how to determine negligence in Omaha truck accident cases.