Common Omaha Car Accident Mistakes

If you have been involved in a collision, it is important that you understand the following common Omaha car accident mistakes so you can take every measure necessary to maximize your injury compensation. Know that a professional injury attorney can help you avoid these common Omaha car accident mistakes while working to strengthen your case and prove the liability of the party at fault. Read on to learn more about how you can act to protect your ability to recover compensation today. En Español.

Admitting Fault at the Scene

One of the common Omaha car accident mistakes an individual can commit early on involves their interactions with the police and the other driver. Admitting fault and even apologizing can have huge impacts on a case. If a driver admits fault for causing the accident to the police officer, that testimony will ultimately be put down in a report and used against them in court.

The at-fault driver must always pay the bills for the injuries caused from a wreck, and making these statements will automatically confine an individual to the responsibility of these expenses. Apologizing can also be interpreted as an admission of fault in many circumstances, and an insurance adjuster could certainly use this information if fault is being contested.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Refusing medical treatment at the scene of the accident is among the common Omaha car accident mistakes to avoid because it will look suspicious to insurance companies after the fact. If an individual waits a significant period of time before seeing a doctor, an insurance company could potentially use this information as a reason to claim that one’s injuries did not occur because of the accident, and that they must have happened after the fact for some other reason. For this reason, seeing a doctor as soon as possible can be very significant as the doctor’s report can be used as a valuable piece of evidence ultimately linking the injuries to the collision.

Speaking with Insurance Adjusters

One of the most damaging common Omaha car accident mistakes that an individual can make is giving a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company. This often happens because the driver does not know that they are being recorded, such as a situation involving a phone call. Individuals should avoid these situations at all costs, and simply say that they will not answer any questions without the presence of their attorney.

In this way, a driver can avoid saying something that may be used against them in a court or settlement proceeding. It is best to have one’s attorney maintain all communications with the insurance company of the party at fault so that they can help an individual maximize their compensation package and give them time to focus more on their own medical recovery instead.

In addition, an insurance adjuster may attempt to get an individual to sign a release of liability or cash a settlement check before they have the chance to properly acquaint themselves with their rights through an attorney. Signing these documents will ultimately prevent a driver from being able to sue the other party and recover any further amount of injury compensation. For this reason, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible following an accident.