Gathering Evidence for Omaha Car Accident Cases

Unfortunately, car collisions can be devastating to all those involved. After being in a car accident, your attention should be centered on recovery. An important process of the recovery is gathering evidence for Omaha car accident cases in order to be compensated for the damages the car wreck caused. Obtain help from a skilled attorney from Inkelaar Law to help you recoup from the accident.

Gathering Evidence Before Filing a Claim

When gathering evidence for Omaha car accident cases, we look for damage to the vehicles, evidence of how the accident happened, evidence of medical treatment, and lost wages. We use investigators to question witnesses. Our lawyers take photographs of the scene, deal with medical providers to get all medical bills and records, and obtain police reports to support the claim. To recover damages, we present the evidence to the other party to prove pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

Attorneys Can Help with the Steps of Dealing with a Car Accident

One of our lawyers at Inkelaar Law can help you understand what you are entitled to, and also inform you about the resources available to help you for the loss of their property because of the accident. We can help you navigate through your medical treatment.

Our attorneys investigate the accident, negotiate with the insurance company, gather all the information, evaluate the evidence in the matter, including the testimony of all witnesses, and coordinate payments to the insurance company and health insurance.

Mistakes Made After Being Involved in a Car Wreck

If you are gathering evidence for Omaha car accident cases, it is important to avoid having slip-ups that could be destructive to the case. Some mistakes a person might make after being involved in a car crash in Omaha are:

  • Failure to take photographs of the accident scene;
  • Admitting to causing the accident;
  • Not getting the appropriate medical treatment; and
  • Lapse in medical treatment.

With guidance from one of our attorneys, you can elude these common mistakes.

Process for Collecting Evidence

If you are in a car collision, one of the most important things you should do is hire one of our attorneys. We immediately send out letters to individuals involved in the accident. Our lawyer also makes contact with the accident’s participants and immediately starts gathering all information. We talk to witnesses and evaluate the injuries and the damages. We then go through a process of trying to resolve the case through negotiation.

It generally takes three to six months (but can take longer for more complicated cases) to collect evidence to present in court.

We must go through the procedure of filing the lawsuit and conduct a process of discovery with the other party’s attorneys. Our attorney questions the other witnesses under oath and gathers medical data in a concise way. We calculate the damages such as lost wages, medical bills, and any other injuries you received in the car accident.

Contact an Attorney Today

Every facet of the evidence-gathering process is important. You need to be informed about what to look for when gathering evidence for Omaha car accident cases, and you can be by seeking the assistance of one of our attorneys as soon as possible. Calling us is a vital step to recovering from a car collision.