Omaha Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured at the hands of a negligent driver, know that you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your resulting damages. A seasoned Omaha failure to yield accident lawyer could provide you assistance by establishing the liability of the party at fault and advocating for your best interests. Read on to learn more about how a weathered injury attorney from Inkelaar Law can work to make a difference in your case today. En Español.

Common Causes

A failure to yield occurs when a driver fails to yield the road to a vehicle that has the right of way, resulting in a crash. These situations can occur when there is a flashing yellow or red light or a driver is making a left turn and does not yield to oncoming traffic. Failure to yield can also occur when a driver is aggressively trying to merge onto a highway. A driver who enters the street from a private driveway may fail to yield to traffic in the roadway causing an accident.

Sometimes, drivers do not yield to pedestrians already in a crosswalk with disastrous results. The right of way is usually given by traffic control devices or by state law. When two vehicles come up to an intersection at the same time, the vehicle that got there first and is on the right has the right to proceed first. Know that a professional Omaha failure to yield accident lawyer can assist a driver who has experienced these scenarios through aggressive representation in court.

Establishing Liability

One common fact pattern surrounding a failure to yield accident scenario in Omaha occurs when one driver is at a stop sign and another driver does not have a stop sign. The driver with the stop sign assumes that the other vehicle has a stop sign as well and runs out in front of them. Another scenario involves when two vehicles come to an intersection at a fast speed and neither one slows down to yield to the other.

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases is complicated because it can be difficult to identify who had the obligation to yield to the right of way. Sometimes there are witnesses who have different opinions about what happened or when there are no witnesses, the drivers of both vehicles blame each other for fault. In these situations, a skilled Omaha failure to yield accident lawyer could work to help establish liability by gathering evidence and advocating on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Role of an Omaha Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

A dedicated Omaha failure to yield accident lawyer can speak to witnesses, examine photographs, and sometimes retain assistance from an accident re-constructionist who can identify which driver should have stopped and did not stop at the intersection. Assistance from a strong firm such as Inkelaar Law can help an individual seeking injury compensation as a firm will have more resources at their disposal to fully investigate a collision than a solo practitioner.

When one driver fails to yield to the right of way, their responsibility for causing the accident is increased so that they may be deemed more at fault than the other individual and must pay for their resulting damages. A compassionate Omaha failure to yield lawyer from Inkelaar Law can help to hold these individuals responsible for their actions. Consider retaining the assistance of a knowledgeable injury attorney today for your case.