Types of Car Accidents in Omaha


The Nebraska Department of Roads reported a total of 32,302 car accidents throughout the state in 2011, of these, there were several types of car accidents which occurred. In most instances, the type of car accident may contribute the type and severity of injury that occurs.

At Inkelaar Law, our car accident lawyers have handled dozens of traffic collision injury claims, and throughout these years we have discovered that the sooner a victim seeks legal counsel, the better. This will enable our attorneys to begin collecting crucial evidence, documents, and testimonies which can be used against the negligent driver.

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Types of Car Accidents

A car accident may occur at any time, while they typically occur when we least expect it. There are also several different causes of car accidents from drunk driving and drowsy driving to speeding collisions and texting while driving accidents. The following table demonstrates the different types of car accidents which occurred throughout 2011, according to the Nebraska Department of Roads:

Type of Car Accident Total
Rear-End 7,199
Head-On 173
Angle 6,621
Sideswipe (Same Direction) 2,175
Sideswipe (Opp. Direction) 378
Left Turn Leaving 2,068
Backing 677
Fixed Object 4,123
Pedestrian 369
Animal 3,507
Pedal-Cyclist 273
Interstate 2,181
Total Accidents 32,30

Nebraska drivers can begin taking action in order to reduce the total number of accidents by practicing defensive driving techniques, abiding by all traffic laws, and paying attention at all times while driving. Even when we may be running late for something, or become frustrated with another driver, it is always recommended to be patient and get there safely, rather than not at all.

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