Omaha Car Accident Settlements

If you wish to learn whether or not settling would be the best option for maximizing your injury compensation, consider speaking with a skilled injury attorney who possesses extensive experience in Omaha car accident settlements. A lawyer can help to talk through the pros and cons of settling, and whether or not it would be the best choice for your case.

By guiding you through the procedures involved with your options, an attorney can make sure that you are making the most well-informed decision possible regarding your situation. Read on to learn more about what goes into Omaha car accident settlements, as well as the ways a professional lawyer could fight for your compensation today. En Español.

Why Settle?

A decision to settle rather than go to trial is usually based on an individual’s amount of medical bills and their injuries. An experienced injury attorney can help a plaintiff evaluate the options and merits of deciding to settle rather than go to trial. Someone may want to settle rather than go to trial because of the expense and inconvenience of going to court, as well as the length of time it takes to resolve the case in court.

The process involved in Omaha car accident settlements requires the injured party to present all of their medical bills, records, lost wages and other evidence to the insurance company to arrive at a fair and just payment for their injuries. The insurance company offers an amount they are willing to pay, and the plaintiff ultimately decides and makes the decision on the amount they are willing to accept. If both sides agree to an amount of settlement, then the case can be resolved.

Comparative Fault

Nebraska follows a theory of comparative fault in car accident cases, meaning that it takes into account the actions of both parties when determining who is eligible to receive injury compensation. If a plaintiff were found to be partially at fault for causing their accident, then their compensation would be decreased by their corresponding percentage of fault. For example, if someone was found to be 40% at fault for the collision, then their resulting compensation would be decreased by 40%.

An individual cannot be over 50% for causing their accident, otherwise, they are ultimately unable to recover anything from the other party to pay for their damages. In Omaha car accident settlements, the plaintiff’s actions are most certainly taken into account by an insurance adjuster in an attempt to haggle down their compensation. In order to avoid getting taken advantage of, it can be significant to retain help from a skilled injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Role of an Experienced Injury Attorney

When preparing for an initial consultation with an Omaha car accident lawyer, an individual should bring the accident reports, photographs of the accident scene, medical bills, and any other records pertaining to the event. An experienced injury attorney can help alleviate the necessity for the plaintiff to haggle with the insurance company of the party at fault or file complicated paperwork in their case.

A dedicated lawyer has the ability and knowledge to help the injured party understand the process involved in Omaha car accident settlements and give options on what is required to resolve the case in their best interests. They will know whether or not you are being offered a fair value for your damages based on jury summaries of other cases and their experience in litigation to determine the value of a settlement. Consider reaching out to a qualified lawyer today for your initial consultation on Omaha car accident settlements.