Omaha Snow Car Accident Claims


In the state of Nebraska we receive a great amount of snowfall during our winter season, as a result there are dozens of car accidents each snowfall. Snow creates slippery roads and requires drivers to take certain actions to keep themselves and others driving in the surrounding area safe.

On average, Nebraska receives an estimated 29 to 32 inches of snow each year. While snow may create many dangerous driving situations, there are still driving techniques which may be used to prevent an accident from occurring.

At Inkelaar Law, our Nebraska car accident attorneys have great sympathy for the victims of auto accidents, along with their families. Often times, everyone close to that injured individual may suffer financially and emotionally following an accident. Our team of attorneys will seek the maximum compensation benefits for your injuries while seeking the justice you deserve.

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How to Drive in the Snow
Throughout Nebraska, there are a number of driving schools available which instruct drivers on how to most effectively operate their vehicles in the snow. However, these classes may be expensive and take several hours of time that many people may not have. Therefore, as responsible members of our community, our team of attorneys has gathered some tips on how to drive in the snow.

Some tips on how to drive in the snow include:

  • Be Informed
  • Be Prepared
  • Brake Before Turning
  • Brake Gently
  • Control Skidding
  • Keep Lights and Windshield Clean
  • Look Ahead
  • Never Assume Your Vehicle Can Handle All Conditions
  • Never Pass Snowplows and Sanding Trucks
  • Never Use Cruise Control
  • Practice Smooth Actions
  • Slow Down
  • Steer in Direction You Want To Go
  • Turn on Lights
  • If you are able to do so, it is advised to avoid driving in snow in order to avoid any type of collision, or becoming stuck.

Stuck in the Snow?

So you had to drive in the snow and your car is now stuck, at this point you must remain in control and take certain steps in order to relive your vehicle from being stuck, or get out of the snow. Some steps to take if you have become stuck in the snow include:

  • Do not spin your tires
  • Turn your wheels from side to side
  • Use light touch on the gas to ease out
  • Attempt moving vehicle forward and reverse to rock out of the snow (Check owner’s manual to see if your car can handle this maneuver)
  • Pour sand, salt, gravel under tires for tractions
  • Place wood under tires for traction

If your vehicle remains stuck, it is recommended to call a tow truck or police for assistance in order to get your vehicle out of the snow.

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